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Healthcare providers see an exponential explosion in the complexity and the number of CT, MRI and X-Ray imaging studies, which creates an ever increasing backlog and pressure on specialist radiologists. Prioritizing the most severe cases, reducing errors and increasing productivity and capacity is an enormous challenge which AI can solve.

7 Years

Algorithm age

The age of the average algorithm currently used in those hospitals


AI companies

The AI companies that in 2023 alone are creating thousands of algorithms



The percentage of hospitals that currently use AI algorithms


Access to AI

The access and ability for hospitals to choose the AI algorithms
Medical imaging


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  • Seamless integration between AI Developers and Healthcare Providers
  • Thousands of algorithms at your fingertips
  • Unbiased AI medical imaging platform based on automated workflows
  • User experience-driven interface
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Suja Chandrasekaran

Global Chief Executive, fortune 1 executive, board member- healthcare.

In order for AI to scale it must be built with explainability and transparency, fluidly help clinical decision makers in supporting them. TestDynamics is one of a kind platform that offers richness of data enabled intelligence, that is compliant and effective.


Dr. Devon Klein, MD

Chairman of Radiology, Atlantic Health System, NJ

I have been searching for an integrated solution to provide all our AI needs. TestDynamics provides access to a wide range of AI solutions and vendors through a single platform, reducing demands on institutional resources by eliminating multiple implementations, business agreements, and compliance verifications.

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Behind our success there’s a dedicated team fueled by passion.

TestDynamics is leading the AI revolution by bridging the gap between Healthcare institutions and AI algorithm developers.

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TestDynamics team part 3
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