Driving the AI revolution for medical imaging and diagnostics

We’re an intelligent storefront that enables access to a wide variety of modern, cutting edge AI algorithms, with single integration right into the medical Institutions’ workflow. 

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The problem

Bringing AI and healthcare closer together

Healthcare providers see an exponential explosion in the complexity and the number of CT, MRI and X-Ray imaging studies, which creates an ever increasing backlog and pressure on specialist radiologists. Prioritizing the most severe cases, reducing errors and increasing productivity and capacity is an enormous challenge which AI can solve.
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AI algorithms developers

Slow adoption

The amount of AI solutions is growing fast. But usage and adoption are slow.

Increasing AI companies

For the past six years, the number of AI companies increased from 14 to over 400 companies with thousands of algorithms in 2021.

No resources

Most AI providers worldwide don’t have the access, resources or the required integration process to be able to connect with hundreds of thousands of hospitals globally.

Medical specialists​

Complex cases

The amount of complex CT, MRI and X-Ray studies is exponentially increasing, creating a backlog, pressure, lack of priority and increased chance for human error.

The backlog is increasing

Specialist radiologists shortage is exacerbating the backlog crisis.

No access to AI solutions

Radiologists currently have access only to “built-in”, aging AI solutions or often no AI access at all.

Medical institutions​

High complexity and too expensive

Only 5% of hospitals are currently adopting AI algorithms for imaging. Integrating each solution is highly complex, and prohibitively expensive.

No overview

Choosing between thousands of algorithms is practically impossible. Integrating more than a handful is not feasible.

Integration issues

Integrating a single solution requires months of IT work and a very large budget. Integrating many algorithms is not feasible. 

The new age of radiology starts now...

TestDynamics brings medical imaging AI algorithms and solutions right into the mainstream workflow with single seamless integration. A one-stop for hospitals and physicians with intelligent access to a wide range of AI models.

AI algorithms developers

You will gain storefront access to a consolidated market and a scalable revenue model. It allows market access to startups and academic vendors with little or no marketing capital. With its singular integration workflow, it reduces enormous integration complexity and needed support.

Medical specialists

As a medical specialist, you want intelligent access to a wide variety of modern, cutting edge algorithms. TestDynamics makes this possible, increasing your productivity together with reducing diagnostic error rates and improved clinical outcomes. 

Medical institutions

Integrating the TestDynamics platform will increase the department capacity, reduces legal costs and malpractice lawsuits which will eventually reduce average cost per diagnosis. Eliminate the need for difficult vendor negotiations, complex business models and payment disputes.

For hospitals and doctors

An intelligent, objective and AI driven matching engine

TestDynamics has a full imaging smart workflow integration with an appstore like simplicity which allows discovery, comparison, integration and conformance with statutory requirements. A one time intelligently personalized onboarding will reflected automatically into your workflow seamlessly. Our system has various dashboards for usage and costs. It shows peer reviews, has vendor support and it prioritizes severe cases which reduces average wait time.

For AI algorithms developers

Gain storefront access for a scalable revenue model

Our flat fee subscription based model is suitable for various sizes of healthcare institutions and allows AI companies to gain storefront access to a consolidated market and a scalable revenue model.

“Let's bring medical imaging together with AI algorithms and solutions right into the mainstream workflow.”

Lior Eshel
Co-Founder & CEO

A single platform, single integration with lot's of AI!

TestDynamics brings medical imaging AI algorithms and solutions right into the mainstream workflow. Our platform offers hospitals and physicians a one-stop, intelligent access to a wide range of AI models. We improve patient care outcome, reduce healthcare costs and lower malpractice risk.

Smart workflow integration

User friendly features

Various dashboards

Peer reviews & vendor support

AI driven matching engine

About us

Who is TestDynamics?

TestDynamics is set to revolutionize the incorporation of AI solutions for medical imaging and diagnostics. The team is comprised of both engineers and medical professionals who have made it their missions to finally make AI accessible to radiologists, hospitals and the patients they treat!

Teams and advisors

Lior Eshel
Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur, a startup accelerator mentor & an engineer. Lior worked for companies as Motorola Solutions, Israel AIrforce Industries (IAI) & led development teams in several startups. During the past 5 years, his startup engineering innovation agency focused on helping startups with developing, manufacturing and launching their products to the market. He had the privilege to help early-stage startups grow & companies such as: GrubHub, LifeBeam (Vi), No-Traffic, Actasys, ApolloShield, UV EYE, GM, and many others.

Eliezer Basse, M.D

Graduated from Tel-Aviv University, Sackler school of medicine & an MBA from the University of South Florida. Dr. Basse specializes in general surgery and emergency medicine. Served 20 years as a Chairman responsible for all the clinical programs and quality patient. Dr. Basse was the VP of Medical Affairs, involved with disaster preparedness & emergency management in the state of Michigan.

Emanuel Kanal, M.D
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Emanuel Kanal, MD, FACR, FISMRM, AANG Professor of Radiology & Neuroradiology Director of MR Services in the Department of Radiology of the UPMC Health System, Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Kanal serves as a consultant to the FDA on MR safety issues. He was the chairman of the first national and international MR Safety committee.

David Hautemann, M.Sc.
Head of product
As Head of Product David ensures that the team is working closely with physicians in order to build the right product. David has a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology and brings more than 14 years of professional experience to Testdynamics in the field of medical imaging and AI in different roles such as support and product management at former employer Medis Medical Imaging BV, The Netherlands.
Prof. Barry Pressman, M.D
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Barry Pressman is professor and chair of the Department of Imaging at the S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He serves as chief of the Section of Neuroradiology and Head and Neck Radiology. Board certified in diagnostic radiology with a certificate of added qualifications in neuroradiology.

Herman Oosterwijk

As a healthcare imaging and IT trainer/consultant, Herman supports TestDynamics for PACS, DICOM, HL7 and FDA filings. Herman Oosterwijk is an expert in the area of interface specifications between medical devices and healthcare IT software and systems. He has been able to make a difference in the lives of thousands of engineers and healthcare professionals by helping them understand these complicated health imaging and IT systems.

Ronn Goldberg, M.D
Scientific Advisor

Pathology and Medical Imaging along with an MBA from the highly regarded Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto Dr Ronn Goldberg contributes a unique perspective to the role of advanced imaging and AI in healthcare.

Richard Silbergleit, M.D
Scientific Advisor

Graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School and completed a residency in diagnostic radiology and a fellowship in neuroradiology at the University of Michigan. He also obtained his MBA from the University of Michigan. Dr. Silbergleit became chief of the Department of Radiology and Molecular Imaging in 2019 in Beaumont Royal Oak.

Eyal Oster
Strategic Advisor

An entrepreneur & visionary strategist brings more than 20 years of experience & leadership roles in technology startups. Recognized as one of the most innovative thought leaders, Eyal further brings a range of technology achievements.

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